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ADBL Industrial Polymer Fruit Wax 1000 ml - Polishing hydrophobic coating concentrate

ADBL Polymer Fruit Wax is a super concentrated spray wax with an impressively high dilution ratio. As the product is based on the latest generation and state-of-the-art polymers, its durability and water-repellent effect are unmatched among spray waxes. From one liter of product a minimum of 200 LITER solution can be produced, but one liter of ADBL Polymer Fruit Wax is sufficient for up to 500 LITER solution in automated washing machines or using deionized water.




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6 190 Ft
Unit price: 6 190 Ft/liter
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Mixing ratio:

  • Hand sprayer - 1:200
  • Self-service car wash - 1:200 - 1:500

Usage:< /p>

  • Wash the car before use.
  • Make the solution according to the mixing ratios.
  • Spray the clean body.
  • < li>Rinse thoroughly with water.

More tips:

  • Do not let it dry.
  • Work in a shady place.
  • Check the operation in a hidden place before use.
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