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ADBL Industrial TFR 5L - Prewasher
ADBL Industrial TFR 5L - Prewasher
20 490 Ft

ADBL Industrial TFR 5L - Prewasher

TFR is an alkaline pre-washer designed to remove the thin film of several days of dust on the body of all types of vehicles. Low-foaming formula that quickly penetrates the dirt and dissolves it from the surface. Its effectiveness is the same as two-component products. It is not necessary to shake before use.


In stock
20 490 Ft
Unit price: 4 098 Ft/liter

Instructions for use:
Pre-wash: 1:25-1:100

Insect removal, edge cleaning (only steel and painted) 1:10 (10%)


Additional tips:
Do not let it dry.
Work in a shady place.
Before use check the operation in a hidden place.


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