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Tornador® Basic Z-014RS - Compressed air cleaning gun

Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS particularly hard-to-reach places (e.g. air vents, seat rails, door storage, dashboards) quick and easy for cleaning or thorough dry cleaning of electronic components. It is characterized by high air flow and a very intense current effect. Thanks to the unique tornado effect, even the most stubborn dirt can be removed quickly and reliably.

Ideal for new textured suede surfaces, dog and cat hair removal or thorough cleaning of repaired and spare parts. Ideal for home builders and for washing cars and trucks.

Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS has been proven to work in hard-to-reach tight spaces: seats, engine compartment, radiator grille, handle covers, fillers or under electronic components, the Tornador® BASIC Z -014RS cleans and dries everything quickly and thoroughly. The integrated compressed air regulator and the articulated head make work easier and increase flexibility.

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