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Tornador® Classic Z-010RS - Compressed air cleaning gun
Tornador® Classic Z-010RS - Compressed air cleaning gun
48 990 Ft

Tornador® Classic Z-010RS - Compressed air cleaning gun

The Tornador® Classic Z-010RS is an air-powered spray gun that atomizes air and cleaning fluids into very fine particles and agitates them under high pressure. The output cone contains a thin air hose that spirals in operation.

The resulting effect creates our 'tornado effect', which removes dirt particles from surfaces with great force, and without touching them.

Just like all other Tornador® pneumatic tools, the Tornador Classic Z-010RS is equipped with a built-in air regulator and a rotating air inlet, which takes handling and user-friendliness to a new level.


The Tornador® CLASSIC Z-010RS is a great solution for cleaning all kinds of car interior surfaces, door panels, dashboards, steering wheels, fabric upholstery, carpets, floor mats and between seats, as particularly hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned very deeply . Because the gun emits only a small amount of cleaning agent, operating costs are very low.

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48 990 Ft

Instructions for use:

  • Fill the tank with proper mixing ratios.
  • Connect the device to a suitable compressor. (Recommended pressure: 6.5 bar with constant high air delivery)
  • Never leave the cleaning agent in it after use, as it can cause clogging!
  • After use with clean water rinse the cleaning gun.
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