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Tenzi Detailer Quartz Reloader - Ceramic maintenance 300ml

The product is best used every six months to revitalize the paintwork or rim ceramic coatings, but it can also be used as an independent protection.

It perfectly fills the micropores, thanks to which the surface gains additional shine and smoothness. This sliding significantly prevents the adhesion of dirt and slows down the wear of the ceramic coating or the varnish layer itself, if the product was used as the only protection.

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  • Before applying the product, the surface must be properly prepared, i.e. thoroughly cleaned, washed and dry.
  • Degrease the paint using IPA CLEANER and a microfiber cloth
  • The applicator applies the product to the first element.
  • After application, immediately start wipe back without applying pressure. If you wait too long, it will be difficult to wipe back.
  • Repeat the application and wipe back on the following items.
  • After finishing the application, let the product dry for at least 4 hours.

ATTENTION! During application and drying, the ambient temperature must be above 15 °C. We do not work on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.

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