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Tenzi Detailer Deicer 600ml
Tenzi Detailer Deicer 600ml
2 480 Ft

Tenzi Detailer Deicer 600ml

This windshield deicer works at temperatures as low as -70 degrees Celsius. The defrosting effect is visible immediately after application to the icy surface of the glass. Tenzi Detailer Windshield Deicer is safe for seals and wipers. Its use prevents the windows from being scratched, which is caused by plastic scrapers.

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2 480 Ft
Unit price: 4 133 Ft/liter


  • Before applying the product, it is advisable to remove the top layer of loose snow from the glass.
  • Spray the on the glass surface
  • Wait for the product to take effect
  • Remove any melted ice and wipe the glass.
  • If necessary, repeat the defrosting of the windows .
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