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Tenzi Truck Clean 1L - Two-component pre-washer

Concentrated, strong alkaline product with a wide range of uses.
It can be used to clean heavily soiled surfaces, tools and machines in the automotive industry, heavy industry and agriculture.
Highly foaming product, for cleaning with high-pressure water recommended for washing.

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3 380 Ft
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Before use, read the safety data sheet of the product.
Usage in the form of an aqueous solution, according to the contamination of the surface.

Mixing ratios with a sprayer:

Pre-wash: 1:100 in summer, 1:50 in winter
Engine block: 1:15 – 1:30
Foam lance: 1:5 in summer, 1:3 in winter

Wash everything with high pressure water (120-150 bar).

Warning: Avoid in the sun or on heated surfaces its use.

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