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Tenzi Shampoo Neutro 1L - Car shampoo
Tenzi Shampoo Neutro 1L - Car shampoo
1 580 Ft

Tenzi Shampoo Neutro 1L - Car shampoo

Concentrated car shampoo for manual washing of all types of bodywork.
It creates a very dense and effective foam, is gentle, does not contain phosphates and does not leave stains.

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1 580 Ft
Unit price: 1 580 Ft/liter


Read the safety data sheet of the product before use.
Make a 100 ml/10 l solution with water.
Before use, wash off the sand particles from the car to avoid scratches.
Apply the solution to the surface with a sponge or wash mitt, then wash with water.
For best results, use deionized water.

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