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Soft99 Fusso Coat Light - 12-month wax for white and light cars

Soft99 Fusso Coat Light - 12-month wax for white and light cars
Soft99 Fusso Coat Light - 12-month wax for white and light cars

A Japanese legend and an absolute European bestseller. The choice of more than 10 million people so far! The unsurpassed formula based on fluoropolymers breaks the boundaries between waxes and coatings. Fusso Coat guarantees wonderful shine, spectacular hydrophobicity and the most reliable protection for up to 12 months. The package contains a wax applicator.

It is very easy to apply with the right procedure and following the instructions!


Usage follow the instructions for use, for easy and simple waxing and perfect results.

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Since this is the most durable wax in our range, its use requires special care. In addition to following the important steps, it is important to work with it at the right temperature. If we don't have a garage, it is advisable to use the product in the evening when the body is not hot. However, one thing is certain. If we have applied the wax correctly, the effect will be impressive.

Use of Soft99 Fusso Coat Light:

  • Prepare your vehicle: wash thoroughly with pH- with a neutral shampoo, dry and degrease the polish.
  • Dip the supplied applicator in clean water and squeeze thoroughly!
  • Roll the wet applicator in the jar, applying light pressure, 3-4 times.
  • Apply an even and preferably thin layer of wax to the paint in a cross motion, working panel by panel.
  • Wait about 5-6 minutes for the wax to adhere to the polish. The higher the temperature, the shorter the time required, do not use it in the hot sun or on a hot surface. //">microfibre cloth wipe it off, not with force, but with polishing movements. Turn it over often and replace it if the cloth is saturated.

The Fusso Coat's durability and water-repellent effect last up to 12 months. Scroll down and we've embedded a user guide video on our page to help you use it.

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