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Soft99 Glaco Blave - Invisible wiper

The Glaco Blave Invisible Wiper creates a durable hydrophobic coating not only on glass, but also on transparent plastics, such as front and rear lamp covers, motorized plexiglass, etc. Ensure your visibility when traveling during heavy rains! The product does not need to dry, so it can be applied very quickly. When using, follow the instructions for use for perfect results.

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7 990 Ft
Unit price: 79 900 Ft/liter
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  • Clean the surface thoroughly before use , using Glaco Glass Compound Roll Up followed by window cleaner.
  • Remove the cap and apply directly to the surface.
  • Apply carefully and cover the entire area. Any missing spots or unevenness will reduce the overall performance of the product
  • Wipe immediately with the supplied microfiber cloth before the liquid dries.
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