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MJJC Foam Cannon Pro 2.0 - Foam Lance (Without Connector)
MJJC Foam Cannon Pro 2.0 - Foam Lance (Without Connector)
26 990 Ft

MJJC Foam Cannon Pro 2.0 - Foam Lance (Without Connector)

The name of MJJC should not be unfamiliar to anyone who is familiar with the world of car cosmetics. According to many tests and many users, the MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2 is the best foamer ever made.

The Foam Cannon Pro V2 strong> is a new generation foam cannon powered by MJJC's new generation foam technology. This new technology creates stronger, more and thicker foam with less detergent, even with smaller pressure washers.

The over 1200ml tank increases foam production, 360° adjustable spray direction makes it easier to foam the top and chassis of the vehicle and produces 30% denser foam than the first generation foam gun with the same amount of shampoo.

The package contains a 1 .25 mm orifice nozzle and a spare 1.1 mm orifice for lower pressure and water flow washers.

Designed with the new patented Click & Play connection system. Just screw it on, no extra Teflon tape or thread lock is needed to seal the adapters.

Don't forget to buy a suitable connector for your washing machine, which you can find among the additional products or by CLICKING HERE.

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26 990 Ft
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