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Colourlock Vegan Leather Cleansing and Care Set

New materials are increasingly available as an alternative to leather, such as vegan leather.

Vegetable fibers are added to so-called "vegan leather" during production. These fibers are a by-product of the production of fruit juices and the harvesting of fruit, and they not only have the appearance of leather, but are also strong and durable.

For hygienic reasons and for the purpose of preservation, such surfaces must be regularly cleaned and protected. The care set for vegan leather contains everything you need for cleaning and maintenance. Dirty surfaces become clean again and surfaces are protected from new dirt and aging.


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1 x Cleanser for vegan skin, 125 ml
1 x Protector for vegan skin, 150 ml
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Cleaning sponge
1 x Wipes

: Thoroughly clean heavily soiled surfaces with the vegan leather cleaner. For dirt in the structure, use the cleaning brush.

The care product made for vegan leather subsequently seals the surfaces, reducing the accumulation of new dirt, and does not change the shine.

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