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Colourlock Textile Impregnating 500 ml

Textiles will become dirty or stained over time. By impregnating textiles, high-quality fabrics are protected from new contamination. The impregnation is also suitable for protecting microfiber materials such as Alcantara.
500 ml textile impregnation is enough to protect several complete car interiors or textile sets.

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9 500 Ft
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Always try the product first on a less visible area.


In order to avoid future dirt and stains, it is necessary to to impregnate the surface.

The impregnation of textiles provides gentle stain protection for all textile furniture and car upholstery. Always check compatibility in a less visible area first. Release the lock under the nozzle, spray thinly and evenly on the clean and dry surface for approx. from a distance of 40 cm. Then let it dry. Respray heavily used areas as needed. Renew the application after cleaning, stain removal or washing.

Important! Impregnation is not a complete protection against stains. The most important protection is to take care of such surfaces and to avoid them becoming heavily contaminated as much as possible.

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