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Colourlock Skin Cleansing and Impregnating Set (Intensive)

Leather cleaning and impregnating set (intensive)

The leather cleaning and impregnating set is the right choice for new or less than 3 years old silk-matte, top-pigmented leather case. (We can determine this more easily if we drop 1 drop of water on the skin surface and the water stays on the surface, it does not soak into the skin). Suitable for car leather upholstery, leather furniture, including long-life leather and other leather upholstery.

Small set 125 ml intensive cleaner, 150 ml Leather impregnating quantity is sufficient for a complete set or car interior one-time cleaning and care. Before use, a test cleaning must be carried out in a less visible place.

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Intensive leather cleaner:

If the leather is dirty, it must be cleaned before care (gentle cleaner for normal dirt, or intensive cleaner for heavily dirty surfaces). Cleaning is important, on the one hand, for effective absorption of care materials, and on the other hand, by caring for uncleaned surfaces, we practically fix the dirt, which makes cleaning them even more difficult in the future. Deeper grooves can also be cleaned easily and effectively with the leather cleaning brush.

Why Leather Impregnation?

New leather must be treated with leather impregnation for the first 3 years. The new skin does not yet require moisturizing care, as it still contains the substances added to it during tanning, which is why the goal is more protection from external influences, e.g.: wear, discoloration caused by clothing. In particular, it is advisable to protect the driver's seat (side supports, thigh supports of sports seats) or the seating surfaces of light-colored furniture. The leather impregnation effectively protects leather surfaces from wear, dirt and discoloration during the first three years. For skins older than three years, combined care with Leder Protektor is recommended.


Intensive skin cleanser

Press the cleansing foam onto a sponge or skin cleansing brush, it should not be applied directly to the skin. Clean the surface with the foam, work from seam to seam, repeat the operation several times if necessary. Remove the dirt and excess cleaning agent from the skin with a moistened cloth and leave it to dry. 3 hours). Saturate the cloth with a little leather impregnation and distribute it evenly over the surface without rubbing, it is enough to apply it once. Depending on use, it is recommended to clean and impregnate the leather every 3-6 months.

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