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Colourlock Leather Adhesive 20 g

Leather glue is ideal for fixing or gluing cracks and holes, sticking protruding leather edges or leather fibers. 20 g of leather glue is enough to repair several centimeters of cracks and tears and to glue several cracks and tears.

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5 200 Ft
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The glue should be applied sparingly and thinly, on small edges or inaccessible areas with the mini-brush. Allow the glue to dry, then apply pressure to match the original condition. If necessary (in case of major damage), fixing material must be glued behind it.

Cracks and holes, which are already larger but can still be repaired, must be stabilized with fixing material. Cut the fabric to size to fit the overlap and mark the center with a felt or small sticker. The mark clearly shows where the center is, the overlap must be the same everywhere. Secure the center with a pin and smooth the edges under the skin with a spatula. Then glue it together.

In case of cracks, surface cuts and tears, the leather glue should be used sparingly. This is best applied with a mini-brush.

The covering of leather clothing is a very thin layer. In this case, the glue must be applied very sparingly to avoid "glue bleed-through", in which case the excess glue will sink into the skin and leave a darker stain.

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