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Colourlock Skin cleansing petrol 225 ml

The Skin Cleansing Gasoline is an excellent degreaser without discolouring the skin. Therefore, leather cleaning benzine is used for cleaning and degreasing different skin types.

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Skin Cleansing Gasoline is an excellent degreaser without discolouring the skin. Therefore, skin cleansing benzine is used to clean and degrease different skin types.

Areas of application:

  • to degrease hyperpigmented skin, to remove the remains of care products from liquid skin repair or before applying Leder Fresh leather dye, so that the repair products can adhere sufficiently
  • to remove grease from vehicle parts, e.g.: steering wheel, shift knob handles
  • to degrease greasy handles of handbags and suitcases
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  • for cleaning / degreasing “greasy” suede furniture
  • for degreasing greasy collars of jackets before washing them with leather detergent;
  • for degreasing greasy areas before professional painting in the workshop

225 ml is sufficient for general degreasing work on leather furniture or vehicle leather upholstery.


Always do a test cleaning first! Leather-cleansing benzine does not dissolve colors, but on open-pored skin or in case of excessive use, it can cause lightening and spotting of the edges. Therefore, the preliminary test is always necessary.

Lightly moisten a clean, soft, white cloth with the leather cleaning benzine and wipe the greasy areas. The covered skin can be thoroughly degreased after a test. On the other hand, with open-pore leathers (suede, aniline leather, etc.), rub the leather only for a short time to avoid edges and stains caused by the cleaning attempt. In the meantime, always let the skin dry.

Not all grease stains can be completely removed. In particular, areas that have been in contact with heavily greasy skin or hair for a long time cannot be completely degreased with leather cleaning gasoline. Over time, the fat has penetrated deep into the skin and the skin cleanser inside cannot absorb it. In some cases, a degreasing spray can help. In the case of large areas or strong fat deposits, it is worth asking for professional advice.

After cleaning with leather cleaner gasoline, the skin must be cared for again and protected with a care product suitable for the skin type.

Important: The leather cleaning liquid is flammable and deadly if swallowed. may! Therefore, keep it away from children!

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