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Colourlock LEDER FEIN Leather wash 250 ml

Basically, all leather can be washed with COLORLOCK leather and fur washing concentrate in a washing machine or by hand. If the correct temperature and washing instructions are followed, the leather will be clean again, will remain soft and will not shrink.

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Always note the following:

  • Soak heavily soiled or greasy leather (collar, cuff, lapel) and carefully clean it with a soft brush and the leather cleaner. in the case of light-colored linings or other combinations of different colors, discoloration cannot be excluded. To avoid this, always use COLORLOCK Fixativ color fixative.
  • Never wash two different items of clothing together, except for the same color !

For combined pieces, always wash all parts.

  • Pre-existing discolorations and stains by removing dirt on the skin they become more visible.
  • There are also leathers on the market where the paint is not properly fixed or they are coated with oils and fats. Such leather is clean, but its surface changes.
  • Improperly fastened buttons or too loose seams must be stabilized.

If this is not possible, only wash carefully by hand.< /p>

  • The tanning substance of the pure white bottom lambskin can dissolve during washing, so it hardens during drying. Therefore, always do a test wash, cut a small piece and test it.
  • In the case of exotic or unique tanned leathers, expensive unique items, furs and very old antique leather items, it is possible that they cannot be washed. In such cases, always ask for advice in advance.

When should I use the color fixative?

The Colourlock Fixative color fixative fixes the dyes and tanning agents in the skin. It prevents the dye from washing out during washing. Its use is necessary for combined and different colored leathers and linings. Solid-colored or black lining materials do not require fixing treatment.

We test solid-colored leather: wet a light-colored cloth and rub the surface in a less visible area. If the cloth doesn'tdiscolor, the fixing pretreatment is not necessary. If the water does not become discolored during the soaking in the fixer, the fixer can be omitted during the next wash.

Using the color fixer:

  • Do not use in the washing machine. , but in a tub
  • 1/2 bottle approx. Add to 5-10 liters of lukewarm water, cover the soaked piece. Use the contents of the entire bottle for motorized combi
  • Soak for at least 60 minutes, pressing the piece from time to time
  • Finally take it out, let it drain and put the piece in the washing machine without rinsingCAUTION! Use gloves. Fixative causes skin irritation. IF IN EYES: Rinse carefully with water for several minutes. For contact lens wearers, remove the lens and continue rinsing.

Hand washing

A COLOURLOCK leather and fur washing concentrate is suitable for all superficially pigmented and open pore types of skin for hand washing.


Depending on the wash volume, 1/3 – 1/2 bottle of detergent and approx. 10 – 15 liters of water max. 35 ° C (cover the piece) in the case of motorhomes, overcoats on the entire bottle.

Soak for 30 minutes and hand wash. For heavy dirt, rub it with a soft brush

(leather cleaning brush).
Take it out of the wash, drain and rinse it once with clean water.

Leave the detergent residue on the skin. , because it ensures the effectiveness of washing.

SURFACE CLEANING: Mix a little detergent with water and clean the leather surface with a cloth, sponge or leather cleaning brush. Remove any residue with a damp cloth. Surface washing/cleaning is not suitable for open-pored leather (e.g. aniline, suede, nubuck)

Leather in the washing machine

A < /span>COLOURLOCK leather and fur washing concentrate for gentle or wool program max. 35 ° C can be used. It is also suitable for leather-textile mixtures.

Depending on the wash volume, add 1/3 to ½ bottle of detergent to the dispenser of the washing machine. Use a whole bottle for full motorized station wagons or large jackets.

Washing machine on a wool or gentle cycle at a maximum of 35 ° C.

Spin only for a short time. use it at a low speed.

For the wool program, the spin cycle is gentle.

Take the leather out of the drum, shake out the wrinkles well, and let it dry at room temperature. Dry heavy pieces on towels by laying them flat.

IMPORTANT: Do not dry at high temperatures in a dryer or in the sun!

For oversized pieces, drying may take several days.


Move the leather regularly during drying, this is easier while it is wet, after complete drying it is much more difficult to stretch it back.

After drying, the leather fibers slightly stick together. Pull the dried piece apart in all directions or put it in the dryer for 15 to 30 minutes to dry without hot air!

Then brush the nubuck and suede leathers.

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