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Colourlock Instant Adhesive Remover 20 ml

  • Removes the remains of the instant adhesive from the surface of the pigmented skin.

    Important: close the bottle tightly after use and keep it away from children it must be kept carefully away from the eyes!

    It also happens that the instant glue accidentally drips onto the skin, artificial leather, or plastic. In most cases, despite quick cleaning, it cannot be removed without stains. And a lot of cleaning or rubbing leaves a stain in the leather paint. Instant adhesive remover is a special cleaner that dissolves instant adhesive residues from the top layer of dyed leather and artificial leather.

    Use: test that you are dealing with really pigmented leather on top. Drop water on the skin, if the skin does not darken or become colored, then the skin is dyed in the upper layer and the product can be used. Soiled leather must always be cleaned before use. Try the product first in a less visible place. Test to see if the leather dye dissolves or if the glue remover leaves a stain. Then carefully rub the instant glue spots with the cloth until the glue dissolves. For older stains, leave the product on for a few minutes and repeat if necessary. Always wipe wet only, do not soak the surface and if the surface becomes very sticky, let it dry first or you will rub the paint layer off the skin. Finally, wipe the area with a damp cloth (plain water). After the stain has been removed, the skin is treated with the skin impregnant. If the color has faded during cleaning, you can restore its original color with the leather dye.

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