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Colourlock Synthetic Leather Cleaning and Care Set
Colourlock Synthetic Leather Cleaning and Care Set
13 500 Ft

Colourlock Synthetic Leather Cleaning and Care Set

The contents of the set:

1 x artificial leather cleaner 125 ml
1 x artificial leather care 150 ml < br />1 x cleaning brush
1 x cleaning sponge 1 x cleaning cloth

Ideal cleaning and care agent for artificial leather surfaces exposed to high stress.

Use the leather cleaning brush (included in the set) to clean dirty structures.
The artificial leather protector re-impregnates the furniture, reduces the possibility of soiling and fading.
The protector does not form a shiny surface on the artificial leather. 150 ml artificial leather cleaner and 150 ml artificial leather protector
enough to clean and care for a set several times.

In stock
13 500 Ft

Usage: Put a little cleaner on a moistened sponge, squeeze it and
clean the surface with the resulting foam, deeper structures can be easily cleaned with a cleaning brush.
Wipe off the foam with a soft damp cloth.
Artificial leather protector: put a small amount of artificial leather protector on a soft cloth and spread it over the skin without rubbing, let it dry.
In areas subject to greater stress (e.g. seat surface) it is advisable to repeat the treatment every 3 months.
Always clean the surface before treatment!

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