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Booski Quadra Super Cut DA 135mm - Cut polishing disc

Booski Car Care Quadra Super Cut Pad DA is a very hard sponge polishing pad, especially suitable for polishing in combination with highly abrasive polishing pastes, deep scratches, grooves, holograms, strong oxidation, etc. for removal. The polishing disc is made of high-quality, open-cell sponge, which limits excessive overheating and waste of polishing pastes, and prevents the polishing disc from softening and changing its shape during polishing. The notches on the polishing surface increase the overall efficiency of polishing and enable efficient polishing at slower speeds

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3 990 Ft
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Product features:

  • Suitable for eccentric (orbital) polishers
  • Open cell sponge
  • Suitable for general paint correction and polishing after sanding the paint
  • Removes deep scratches
  • Diameter of carrier (velcro): 135 mm
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