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Auto Graph Malachite - Glass Cleaner 5 Liter
Auto Graph Malachite - Glass Cleaner 5 Liter
7 990 Ft

Auto Graph Malachite - Glass Cleaner 5 Liter

You will not be disappointed with our MALACHITE glass cleaner! It cleans all glass surfaces incredibly efficiently and streak-free. It evaporates very quickly and leaves behind a crystal clear, spotless result. Thanks to its antistatic property, cleaned surfaces become more absorbent.

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7 990 Ft
Unit price: 1 598 Ft/Liter


  • The product is ready to use, no need to dilute it.
  • Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned, then start wiping with a short-pile microfiber cloth. ADBL Goofer Towel is recommended for this purpose, as this microfiber towel with a goof pattern is designed for glass cleaning.
  • If necessary, wipe the surface with a second with a cloth, for which the diamond-pattern glass cleaning cloth of ADBL G is the perfect choice

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