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Auto Graph Alabaster - Skin Care 5 Liter

I'm glad that Auto Graph has not gone the usual route of "all-in-one" products, but has also released a separate skin cleanser with Nepheline and a skin care product with Alabaster.

As usual, the use of Alabaster helps to protect the skin and prevent dehydration. Similar to the Nepheline cleaner, the antistatic effect is also one of the properties. After using the skin care, the treated surface is pleasant to the touch, not shiny, greasy or slippery.

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28 390 Ft
Unit price: 5 678 Ft/Liter
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How to use:

  • Spray the cleaner gently on a microfibre cloth or applicator.
  • Spread over the seat, away from the seams until sewing.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes, then wipe with a dry microfiber cloth.

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