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ADBL Tire Dressing SiO2 Tire care 5L

ADBL Tire Dressing is a tire care product. A combination of the best quality polymers, brightening additives and SiO2. Restores blackness and makes tires look like new. A simple product application ensures the darkening effect, satin shine and UV resistance. Thanks to its ceramic content, it is extremely durable, has an excellent water repellency effect and keeps the treated surface clean.

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53 490 Ft
Unit price: 10 698 Ft/liter
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  • The preparation is ready to use, it is not necessary to dilute it.
  • Clean the surface to be treated thoroughly .
  • Thoroughly spread it over the surface with the help of an applicator so that it gets everywhere, preferably in the same amount.
  • If there is more product than necessary on the surface, wipe off the excess.
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