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ADBL Slippy Plasticine liquid 200 ml

ADBL SLIPPY is a product that is used as a lubricant when kneading, eliminating the friction between the glue and the varnish layer. It was developed for users for whom it is important to minimize working time, followed by maximum efficiency and safety during use.
The product does not contain silicone or oils, so it is not necessary to degrease it before polishing. Can also be used as a desiccator in a 1:2 ratio.

Works perfectly with ADBL CLAY SPONGE and ADBL CLAY MITT and all other cleaning products.

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2 190 Ft
Unit price: 10 950 Ft/liter
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Spray the surface liberally, ensuring adequate lubrication of the plastic.
Remove the excess with a microfiber cloth.

< p>TIPS:
Before use, approx. shake for half a minute
Keep in a cool place
Do not expose to direct sunlight
Do not use in strong sunlight
Storage temperature 5-25 degrees Celsius.

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