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ADBL Green'Gine Degreasing Concentrate 5L

The ADBL Green'Gine is a strongly concentrated Alkaline cleaner with degreasing effect for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces. The product is a mixture of slow-evaporating and non-hazardous solvents and top-quality surfactants. Fsoaks the grease and loosens it from the surface by penetrating it. It contains anti-corrosion additives, so it can be safely used on surfaces prone to rust. It is much easier to rinse off soaked oils and fats after use.

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  • The product must be diluted before use. The dilution ratio is 1:1 - 1:10 when used in the engine compartment, and 1:4 - 1:20 when used on the body, depending on the degree of contamination.
  • Spray the solution on the surface to be cleaned, then wait 1 - 3 minutes depending on the degree of contamination, but do not let it dry.
  • If necessary, brush the surface, thereby increasing the effect of the product.
  • Rinse everything with a high-pressure water jet, and in the engine compartment with running water , paying attention to the electrical connections.
  • If necessary, repeat the above procedure for perfect results.
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