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ADBL Glass Pro Glass Cleaner 5L

ADBL Glass Pro is a hyper-concentrated formula that restores optically perfect clarity. It evaporates extremely quickly even in wet, humid environments and at low temperatures. Decomposes mineral and organic contaminants such as water stains, bird droppings, nicotine, fingerprints or other grease. Will not leave streaks, smudges or stains.

For professional use only, using a suitable microfiber cloth.

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12 590 Ft
Unit price: 2 518 Ft/liter
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  • The preparation is ready to use, no need to dilute it.
  • Spray the product for this purpose recommended for the ADBL Goofer Towel, as this goofer pattern microfiber towel is designed for glass cleaning.
  • If necessary, wipe the surface with a second towel , for which the ADBL G diamond pattern glass cleaning cloth is the perfect choice
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