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ADBL Clay Mitt Plastic gloves

ADBL Clay Mitt Plastic gloves
ADBL Clay Mitt Plastic gloves

The ADBL CLAY MITT is a 18 x 15 cm special glove designed for surface cleaning with plasticine / clay. The outer polymer layer of the glove replaces the traditional plastic / clay stick and is much more comfortable, faster and more efficient to use. Easily removes tar, resin, asphalt and beetle residues and other strongly adhered dirt.



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1. Wash the car with the "two-bucket technology", then rinse, but do not let it dry,

2. Apply an amount of the ADBL CLAY GLIDE liquid to the gloves, which is justified by the size of the surface to be cleaned and the comfortable work.

3. Start gliding the glove on the surface with horizontal and vertical movements without much effort.

4. After each cleaned part, rinse the gloves and apply another dose of ADBL CLAY GLIDE liquid and repeat the operation described in point 3 on the next part to be cleaned.

5. Continue the above until the polish feels completely smooth.

6. After treating the entire body as described above, wash the entire car again and let it dry.

7. Carefully rinse the ADBL CLAY MITT glove and store it in its original packaging after drying.

Further suggestions, comments

1. If the vehicle undergoes a complex external cleaning for the first time, before using the ADBL CLAY MITT gloves and the ADBL CLAY GLIDE liquid, first use the ADBL TAR AND GLUE REMOVER Tar and resin remover, such as the ADBL VAMPIRE LIQUID preparation.

2. Never use the ADBL CLAY MITT gloves with products that contain solvents (e.g. tar remover or bug remover) as they destroy the outer polymer surface of the glove.

3. Always perform a cleaning test on a small, inconspicuous surface before cleaning a larger surface!

4. The ADBL CLAY MITT gloves should not be exposed to temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius, so the surface to be cleaned must be cool. Do not use on heated surfaces or bodywork!

We recommend watching the following video before use:

Using ADBL CLAY MITT gloves

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