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ADBL APC Universal cleaning agent concentrate 1000 ml

ADBL APC is a concentrated, universal cleaner for cleaning the exterior and interior surfaces of the car. It penetrates the dirt in full depth and separates it from the surface. The special additives keep the already dissolved dirt in the solution, so it can be easily and completely removed. The product must be diluted before use. The dilution ratio is 1:4 for heavy dirt, and 1:80 for light dirt removal.

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Mixing ratio:

  • Minimum 1:4 - Heavy dirt, pre-wash, rim cleaning
  • Maximum 1:80 - Light dirt, internal cleaning
  • Any version can be made between the two mixing ratios, depending on the dirt.


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  • Make a solution with a properly selected mixing ratio (dilute the ADBL APC liquid with water).
  • Spray the solution onto the contaminated surface, working it in with a brush if necessary.
  • Remove the dissolved dirt using a microfiber cloth or water jet, depending on what you are using it for.
  • Additional suggestions, comments

    • Always perform a cleaning test on a small, inconspicuous surface before starting to clean a larger surface!
    • It must not be used on heated surfaces, bodywork, or indoor elements!
    • Do not let the solution applied to the surface dry!
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