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ADBL AIO Hard - One-step polishing paste (For hard varnish) 200ml

ADBL AIO HARD is a one-step polishing paste for polishing, cleaning and protecting all types of lacquer. Removes oxidation, minor defects and scratches, holograms.

ADBL AIO HARD can be used by hand or by machine. Carefully selected abrasive nanoparticles polish and remove the remains of old protective coatings. Waxes and synthetic polymers enhance the effect, leaving behind an incredibly deep shine.

Works best with harder lacquers as a one-step polishing paste. For a long-lasting shine and an additional hydrophobic effect, it is recommended to treat the surface with ADBL SSW, Quick Wax or WaxOne coating.

ADBL AIO HARD paste is perfect for manual polishing of aluminum surfaces.

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5 390 Ft
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For extra long-lasting shine and hydrophobic effect, we recommend applying ADBL Synthetic Spray Wax after finishing the job.
ADBL Quick Wax, ADBL Wax One

Volume: 200 ml

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