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ADBL RDB Pro - Rubberized handle 16cm

ADBL RDB Pro - Rubberized handle 16cm
ADBL RDB Pro - Rubberized handle 16cm

A rubber magnetic brush handle for the ADBL Round Detail Brush PRO kit. It is compatible with the heads included in the set or can be ordered separately.


What you need to know about the ADBL RDB Pro brush set?

Professional car cosmetic brush set that includes a rubberized handle with magnet and three different and fine interchangeable heads. The bristles are chemical-resistant, and the handle is non-slip due to its design and coating. Because of the magnet on the handle, you don't have to put it on the ground to wipe back the brushed surface, you can simply place it on a metal part (e.g. a door frame). Since we only provide one handle for the set, it is a more environmentally friendly solution than producing three separate brushes.

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3 490 Ft
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  • Threaded handle compatible with three different heads.
  • Rubbered handle for non-slipping
  • Exact fit for safe use
  • Integrated magnet in the handle
  • Gentle and chemical-resistant bristles
  • Solution for every detail
  • Can be ordered separately parts
  • Size: 16cm
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