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ADBL Speed QD Easy to use Quick Light 5L

The ADBL Speed QD a very easy and simple to use quick detailer. It evaporates very quickly and streak-free from all types of bodywork, including black. It can be used on uncoated or coated bodywork or car wrap. A perfect product that we recommend especially after washing, even in the parking lot of a self-service car wash. Gives a high shine until the next wash. Removes lighter dirt. Due to its excellent effect and easy use, it will be guaranteed to be everyone's favorite.

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22 190 Ft
Unit price: 4 438 Ft/liter
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How to use:

  • Clean the car before using the product.
  • Spray the product on a clean microfiber cloth .
  • Distribute evenly on the surface.
  • If too much product has been applied to the surface, wipe off the excess with the other side of the cloth.
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