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ADBL Glass Cleaner 2 Holo Glass cleaner 500 ml
ADBL Glass Cleaner 2 Holo Glass cleaner 500 ml
3 490 Ft

ADBL Glass Cleaner 2 Holo Glass cleaner 500 ml

Professional glass cleaner for cleaning external and internal glass surfaces, mirrors and displays. Its alcohol content is extremely low, as it has been replaced with a non-toxic solvent used in cosmetics. It does not contain salts, phosphates or ammonia, so it has a pleasant smell and does not corrode plastic surfaces or sensitive internal elements. Its evaporation is extremely high due to its perfect purity and formula, its degreasing effect leaves an unparalleled, streak-free surface.

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3 490 Ft
Unit price: 6 980 Ft/liter


  • The product is ready to use, no need to dilute it.
  • Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned, then start wiping with a short-pile microfiber cloth. ADBL Goofer Towel is recommended for this purpose, as this microfiber towel with a goof pattern is designed for glass cleaning.
  • If necessary, wipe the surface with a second with a cloth, for which the diamond-pattern glass cleaning cloth of ADBL G is the perfect choice
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