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ADBL Vampire Liquid Rim Cleaner and Rust Remover 5L

An improved version of the highly successful Vampire Liquid, characterized by greater efficiency than before and a more pleasant smell.


The ADBL Vampire Liquid is used to remove metal dust, rust and other metallic substances from the car's brake system and the air< /strong>. Due to its composition and neutral pH value, this product can be used not only on rims, but also on car polish. Its texture is liquid, slightly gel-like. When it reacts with rust on the body or with brake dust, its color changes to purple. It can be safely used on all types of rims and all types of painted bodywork.

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1. Select an item to clean. Spray the surface so that the spray covers the entire area well. The surface must be cool, it must not be applied to heated elements (mudguard, door, rims, etc.)!

2. The effect of the agent can be enhanced if it is applied to the surface with a brush or fine brush.

3. Leave it on the surface for 2-5 minutes depending on the degree of contamination. The effect can be seen from the fact that the liquid layer on the surface takes on an increasingly deep purple color due to the dissolution of the metal particles.

4. Wash the surface with plenty of water.

5. If necessary, repeat the above steps.

Further suggestions:

1. If you use it on rims, in order to be effective, it is worth removing large amounts of non-metallic dirt from them using ADBL WHEEL WARRIOR or ADBL APC before application.

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