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ADBL Vampire Liquid Rim Cleaner and Rust Remover 25L

The ADBL Vampire Liquid is metal dust from the car brake system and the air, < strong>used to remove plastic and other metallic materials. Due to its composition and neutral pH value, this product can be used not only on rims, but also on car polish. Its texture is liquid, slightly gel-like. When it reacts with rust on the body or with brake dust, its color changes to purple. It can be safely used on all types of rims and all types of painted bodywork.

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112 590 Ft
Unit price: 4 504 Ft/liter
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  • The product is ready to use.
  • Spray on the surface to be cleaned so that the product covers the entire surface cover it. The surface must be cool, do not spray on a heated element!
  • Let the product take effect. Discoloration of the product can be seen over time. Do not let it dry on the surface!
  • Rinse thoroughly with preferably high-pressure water.
  • If the degree of contamination warrants it, repeat the above steps.
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