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ADBL APC Pro Universal cleaner concentrate 500 ml
ADBL APC Pro Universal cleaner concentrate 500 ml
3 590 Ft

ADBL APC Pro Universal cleaner concentrate 500 ml

ADBL APC Pro is a concentrated, powerful universal cleaner, limited foaming, odor is provided by its formula enriched with natural citrus-based solvents. Particularly suitable for cleaning heavily soiled plastic and textile surfaces. It is also perfect for pre-washing before external washing, as it has an excellent degreasing effect, quickly dissolves dirt and keeps it in solution. The product must be diluted before use. The dilution ratio is 1:10 for heavy dirt, and 1:80 for light dirt removal.

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3 590 Ft
Unit price: 7 180 Ft/liter

Mixing ratio:

  • Minimum 1:10 - Heavy dirt, pre-wash, rim cleaning
  • Maximum 1:80 - Light dirt, internal cleaning
  • Any version can be made between the two mixing ratios, depending on the dirt.


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  • Make a solution with a properly selected mixing ratio (dilute the ADBL APC PRO liquid with water).
  • Spray the solution on the contaminated surface, working it in with a brush if necessary.
  • Remove the dissolved dirt using a microfiber cloth or water jet, depending on what you are using it for.
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    Additional suggestions, notes

    • Always perform a cleaning test on a small, inconspicuous surface before starting to clean a larger surface!
    • Do not use on heated surfaces, bodywork or indoor elements!
    • Do not let the solution applied to the surface dry!
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