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Marolex renovation kit - Industry ALKA 1000/2000

Complete renewal kit for 2-liter Marolex Industry 2L ALKA alkali-resistant pump sprayer. By replacing the parts in the package, the hand sprayer will behave like it did when it was new.< /p>

During renovation, it is not important to replace all parts in it, only those that are necessary.

Contents of the renovation kit:

  • pump head seal EPDM
  • silicone grease
  • pressure valve plastic part
  • pressure valve kicker
  • sealing ring EPDM 19×3.5
  • sealing ring EPDM 11.3×2.4
  • sealing ring EPDM 6×1.5
  • sealing ring EPDM 5.3×2 – 2 pcs
  • sealing ring EPDM 4×2
  • sealing ring 3×2
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