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Tenzi Car Max Bis 10L - Prewash and active foam

Alkaline and concentrated product with a wide range of uses. Due to its properties and the possibility of use in various solutions, it is recommended for all kinds of car washes.


- passenger, transport and off-road vehicles
- manual car washes
- self-service car washes

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Read the safety data sheet of the product before use.
Use as an aqueous solution , according to the contamination of the surface.

- sprayer in winter 1:20, in summer 1:50
- foam lance in winter 1:1 , in summer 1:2
- turbo spraying 2% (200 ml / 10 l of water)
- car washes 1% (100 ml / 10 l water)
- hand wash 1% (100 ml / 10 l water)

Wash thoroughly with high pressure water (120- 150 bar)

Warning: Do not let the working solution dry on the cleaned surface.

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